Premarital Counseling

Photo by egal/iStock / Getty Images

"It is well for the heart to be naive and the mind not to be." Anatole France

Deciding to marry is such an important decision and exciting time. You are in love and hopeful for the future. Congratulations!

But it can also be a time of uncertainty and stress as you prepare to say your “I do’s” and move toward your future together.

Premarital counseling is an opportunity for couples to examine each partner’s values, expectations and goals for their marriage while deepening their emotional connection and bond.

We all bring our own values, opinions and personal history into a relationship. This is not a problem in itself. But often times we assume that our partner’s beliefs, needs and goals are the same as our own. In addition, many people go into marriage believing it will fulfill their social, financial, sexual and emotional needs – and that’s not always the case.

By exploring differences and expectations before marriage, you and your partner are better prepared to nurture and sustain a deep connection that will allow and support lifelong growth and satisfaction within the relationship.

 “Lasting passion is entirely possible in love. The erratic heat of infatuation is just the prelude; an attuned loving bond is the symphony.” Sue Johnson

Premarital counseling helps partners improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage and develop conflict-resolution skills. Through premarital counseling, couples are supported as they address a wide range of important and intimate topics related to marriage, such as:

  •  Beliefs and values
  • Roles in marriage
  • Affection and sex
  • Children and parenting
  • Extended family relationships (including in-laws)
  • Decision making
  • Dealing with anger
  • Time spent together
  • Finances
  • Communication
  • Handling wedding stress