Millennials / Quarter Life

Photo by PetarPaunchev/iStock / Getty Images

Many people in their 20’s and 30’s are suffering with feelings of worry, anxiety and/or depression. What they may have imagined their lives would look like in adulthood and what they thought would provide satisfaction and meaning turns out to not be so.

Individuals coming of age today are seeking lives of stability and creative identity. Millennials are trying to do it all. While working to support themselves financially and build lasting relationships, people in quarter-life are also exploring their life’s purpose and building a career.

But often millennials are feeling that they don’t know what they should do with their lives or they're wondering if they are on the right path. These feelings can be overwhelming.  Mood swings, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, and fear are common.

There is often a search for greater meaning in life; often a sense of being called towards something but an inability to pinpoint the exact calling, or alternately a feeling of emptiness and being utterly lost.

While challenging, this period of life also holds incredible potential and opportunity. Choices and actions taken now can set the course for a life of satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment. Psychotherapy supports individuals navigating this stage of life-creating the space for the necessary psychological growth and pragmatic planning of the next steps.

In therapy, I provide acceptance for clients just as they are, while encouraging and motivating them to continue to develop to their full potential. The works begins by exploring and clarifying your core values and beliefs- identifying what is true for you. Then we assess the areas of your life that are working and the areas that might need attention. Only then can we create a list of goals and a plan of action. I use a combination of individual counseling and personal coaching to guide and support you along the way. Some example of millennial concerns include:

  • Navigating relationships with parents and first family
  • Academic and / or career choices
  • Choosing/ beginning with your life partner
  • Deciding when / becoming a new family/parent
  • Exploration of values, strengths, growth areas and blindspots
  • Peer relationships
  • Alcohol, marijuana or drug use
  • Sexuality
  • LGBT - Sexual/gender identity and/or expression
  • Fear of Failure