Mid-Life Counseling

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Carl Jung

Photo by TaiChesco/iStock / Getty Images

Often during our younger years individuals have led high functioning and successful lives doing what most people do: finding a life partner, raising a family, practicing a career or profession, and maintaining a comfortable home life. With all of this activity, there may have been little time to explore deeper needs, wants, or life meaning.

In mid-life it is common to reflect on our lives and wonder if we are living the life we really want. We may find ourselves questioning choices made, contemplating daring dreams, wondering where all the time went, noticing physical changes, coping with health challenges, and wondering how to fit into a culture that worships youth.

But mid-life can also be a time of deep introspection, personal evaluation of life choices, and an awakening of our deeper potential and life purpose. A time of renewed desire to live life more fully and authentically, experience greater life meaning, and discover or rediscover and embrace the activities that we truly enjoy and believe in.

In therapy, I help clients to find more clarity, confidence and calm about their needs, priorities and life goals at this transitional time. Therapy in mid-life is an opportunity to reconsider, redefine and recreate the person you wish to be in this next chapter your life.  Areas of particular interest include:

  • Questions about life choices such as job, marriage, work, family, and life in general
  • Struggling with health concerns or the normal aging process
  • Aging parents: caring for elder parents or relatives or the loss of the older generation
  • Career questioning
  •  Questioning whether to stay in a long term relationship that brings security yet lacks emotional connection
  • Shame and confusion around participation in an extramarital affair
  • Regret over missed opportunities or events in the past